Bangladesh Journal of Law (Contents)!

Vol. 17, Nos. 1 & 2, June-December 2017
Titles Author Page
Moha. Waheduzzaman 01
Aminul Islam 51
Muhammad Omar Faruque 67
The 1971 Massacre of Intellectuals in Bangladesh: Genocide? Umme Wara 99
Cyberspace as a Place of Evidence: A Critical Review Under International Human Rights Laws  Bayazid Hossain 113
Md. JobairAlam & K M Ashbarul Bari 137
A Comparative Study of Common Law Jurisdictions on Exclusion Clause and its Ramifications on Consumer Rights: Bangladeshi Law in Context Adity Rahman Shah 169
Beyond Criminal Justice:  Towards Tort Liability for Sexual Violence Against Women Taqbir Huda 201


Bangladesh Journal of Law (Contents)!

Vol. 16, No. 2, June 2016
Titles Author Page
Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman 01
Sheikh Hafizur Rahman and Farhana Helal Mehtab 17
Guidelines and Directives Given in Public Interest Latigations in Bangladesh: A Review of Status of their Implementation and Impact Najnin Begum and Mohiuddin Khaled 47
Secularizing the God: Developing A Sui Generis Civil Religion through Secularization of Islam in Turkey Muhammad Rezaur Rahman 67
Saquib Rahman 85
Taqbir Huda 119
Muhammad A. Sayeed 135


Bangladesh Journal of Law (Contents)!

Vol. 16, No. 1, June 2016
Titles Author Page
Farzana Akter & Eva Brems 01
Rumana Islam 21
M. Zahurul Huq 69
Jayanta Dar 87
Ferdous Rahman 107
Ganiat Mobolaji Olatokun 127
Ramkanta Tiwari 151


Vol. 15, Nos. 1 & 2, June-December 2015
Titles Author Page
Jamila A. Chowdhury 01
Aminul Islam 21
Golam Mostofa Hasan 35
A.B.M. Abu Noman and
Md. Mostafa Hosain
Jobair Alam and
Toufiqul Islam
Mohammad Delawar Hosain 111
'Marital Rape' in Marriage: The Need for Reform in Bangladesh Mustakimur Rahman 131
Subrata Lamsal 151


Vol. 14, Nos. 1 & 2, June-December 2014
Titles Author Page
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Under the Constitution: Critical Evaluation of Judicial Jurisprudence in Bangladesh Moha. Waheduzzaman 01
The Doctrine of Basic Structure in Bangladesh: From ‘Calfpath’ to Matryoshka Dolls Rokeya Chowdhury 43
Hussain M. Fazlul Bari 89
Interplay Between Fair and Equitable Treatment (fet) Standard and other Investment Protection Standards Rumana Islam 117
Combating Recidivism Through Practical Action Plans and Programs: A Critical Appraisal Farha Noor Rahman 143
Trade vs. Human Rights: Gatt Article XX in Context Shima Zaman 165
Can Intellectual Property Rights Regime Protect the Interests of Traditional Knowledge? Sharifa Sayma Rahman and
Forhad Mamun


Vol. 13, Nos. 1 & 2, June-December 2013
Titles Author Page
Case Management: A Magic Lamp in Reducing Case Backlogs Ummey Sharaban Tahura 01
Victim Protection in Bangladesh: A Critical Appraisal of Legal and Institutional Framework Dr. Abdullah Al Faruque and Md. Sazzatur Rahaman 33
Abul Hasanat 49
EU Law-versus-Bilateral Investment Treaty Law and Public International Law: Impact on International Relationship of States and EU Solidarity Tanjina Sharmin 73
Legal Aspects of Media Trial in Bangladesh: Free Press versus Fair Trial Dilemma Hussain Mohmmad Fazlul Bari 89
Enforced Disappearance in Defiance of Human Rights: A Critical Review of Legal and Institutional Aspects from Bangladesh Perspective Noor M. Sarker and Monirul Islam 105
Realising ESC Rights through Budgetary Allocation: A viable Alternative for Bangladesh Md. Jobair Alam and
Md Ataul Karim


Vol. 12, No. 1 & 2, June-December 2012
Titles Author Page
The Law and Policies on Affirmative Action: Rhetoric and Reality Abdullah Al Faruque 01
Safeguarding the Rights of Domestic Workers: Existing Laws and Ways to Move Forward Naim Ahmed 29
Appraising the Constitutionality and Justification for the use of Amnesty in Tackling Terrorism in Nigeria S.M. Olikooba and J.O. Olatoke 49
Forensic Use of DNA Information in the Justice Delivery System of Bangladesh: Human Rights and Privacy Challenges Khaleda Parven 73
Role of Good Faith in Interpreting Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET) Standard in Arbitral Practice Rumana Islam 109
The Immodest Truth: An Evaluation of the Measures Taken to Combat Sexual Harrassment in Bangladesh Nuara Choudhury 137
Corpoate Social Responsibility: A Human Rights Perspective K.M. Shazzad Mohashin 171

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