Bangladesh Journal of Law (Content)!

Vol. 5, No. 1 & 2, June-December 2001
Titles Author Page
The 1997 Watercourse Convention and its Relevance to Bangladesh-India Water Sharing Issues Md. Nazrul Islam 01
African (Banjul)Charter: A Unique Step to Protect Human Rights in Africa Md. Nazmuzzaman Bhuian 35
Protection of women in the Marriage Contract: An Exploration Shahnaz Huda 65
Overview of International Human Rights Protection by the UN Abdullah-Al-Farooque 85
Membership of Bangladesh in the International Labour Organisation Borhan Uddin Khan 113


Vol. 4, No. 1 & 2, June-December 2000
Titles Author Page
Access to Environmental Justice: Role of the Judiciary in Bangladesh Jona Razzaque 01
Law and the State’s Response towards Violence against Women Nusrat Ameen 27
Death Reference Cases: Waiting to be Executed––Delay as Matter of Life or Death Shahdeen Malik 47
Short Article:
Gender Equity, Economic Transformation of Women and Family Law: A Socio-Legal Analysis
Taslima Mansoor 83
Towards a Brief History of Alternative Dispute Resolution in rural Bangladesh Farmanul Islam 99
Translating the Convention of The Rights of the Child into Reality A.H. Monjurul Kabir 115
Book Reviews –– 131


Vol. 3, No. 2, December 1999
Titles Author Page
Violence against Women: Ideologies in Law and Society Sumaiya Khair 139
Public Accountability through Public Interest Litigation Altafur Rahman 161
Martical Law, Judiciary and Judges: Towards an Assessment of Judicial Interpretations Sheikh Hafizur Rahman
Short Article:
Researching Sensitive Topics: Methods to Identify Wife Abuse
Nusrat Amin 211
On the Origin and Development of Geneva Conventions Borhan Uddin Khan 227


Vol. 3, No. 1, December 1999
Titles Author Page
Establishment of the International Criminal Court and Implications for Bangladesh Faustina Pereira 01
Status of International Law under the Constitution of Bangladesh: An Appraisal Sheikh Hafizur Rahman
Jurisdictional Problems of the International Court of Justice: Towards an Alternative Framework Ridwanul Hoque 49
Initiatives to Combat Corporate Environmental Crimes: A Comparative Study S.M. Formanul Islam 91

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