Bangladesh Journal of Law (Content)!

Vol. 2, No. 2, December 1998
Titles Author Page
Our Experience with Constitutionalism Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman 115
The Problem of Independence of the Judiciary in Bangladesh Justice Naimuddin Ahmed
Martial Law Regimes: Critically Situating the Validity of the Fifth and Seventh Amendments Sheikh Hafizur Rahman Karzon
Judicial Reform and Economic Development: A Survey of the Issues Richard E. Messick 193
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency: A Critical Appreciation of its Guarantee Service S.M. Solaiman 218


Vol. 2, No. 1, June 1998
Titles Author Page
Public Interest Law Revisited Jeremy Cooper 01
Post-Divorce Maintenance for Muslim Women in Pakistan and India Fayyazur Rehman 26
The Right to Freedom of Association in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Legislation and Policy Borhan Uddin Khan 52
Law of Homicide in the Early Nineteenth Century Bengal: Changed Law and Unchanged Applications Shahdeen Malik 85
Book Review:
Sara Hossain, Shahdeen Malik and Bushra Musa (eds.) Public Interest Litigation in South Asia: Rights in Search Remedies, Dhaka, 1997.
Abdullah-Al-Faruque 103


Vol. 1, No. 2, December 1997
Titles Author Page
Child Marriage: Social Marginalisation of the Statutory Law Shahnaz Huda 138
The Development of Right to Freedom of Association in pre-independence Bangladesh (1919-1971): An Analysis of Legislation and Policy Borhan Uddin Khan 182
Women and Development of Family Law: A Step Towards Right Direction? Taslima Mansoor 221
Use of Force and Shelf Determination: Legal Aspects of India’s Intervention in East Pakistan, 1971 Sharif M.N.U. Bhuiyan 250


Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1997
Titles Author Page
Untying the Marial Bond Naima Huq 01
The Legal Regime of Fisheries in the High Seas Altafur Rahman 35
The Girl Child in Bangladesh: Towards an Understanding of Her ‘Labour’ Sumaiya Khair 71
International Refugee Law: A Critical Review M. Shah Alam 113
Communitarian Ethos and the Constitution of Japan: A Preliminary Exploration Yasuo Hasebe 128

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