The Institute

Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA) is a leading think tank in South Asia for advanced research in legal and international affairs.


Following the liberation war of Bangladesh, BILIA was established on 30th June, 1972 by then Minister of Law and then Minister of Foreign Affairs along with other leading national intellectuals in the fields of Law and International Affairs with an aim to undertake and promote research in these two distinct yet interrelated fields, making it the country’s first and oldest civil society think tank. BILIA initiated the first draft of The International Crimes (Tribunals) Act in 1973 which was enacted by Parliament of Bangladesh in the same year and it also organised The Third International Criminal Law Conference from 26th-29th December 1974 as a step towards the drafting of the statute for an International Criminal Court. Over the years, BILIA has attained recognition as a centre of excellence from within and outside the country.

What We Do

BILIA is a non-profit, independent and non-governmental research organisation, being run by an Executive Council comprising of eminent jurists, lawyers and diplomats. It conducts policy oriented advance research on contemporary issues pertaining to the fields of Law and International Affairs facing Bangladesh and the wider South Asian region. It is a source of independent analysis, informed dialogue, constructive debates, influential ideas and policy recommendations. Since its inception, BILIA has been working as a center for quality research, judicial training and dissemination of information through publications, symposiums, workshops and web-postings in order to invoke public debate and understanding on issues of national importance. A salient feature of BILIA is its flexibility in drawing upon scholars, jurists and experts recognized in their respective fields, who although available for a short period of time, lend high erudition and scholastic dimension through their active participation and interest. BILIA is proud to be publishing two of the most prestigious and oldest peer reviewed academic journals of the country: Bangladesh Journal of Law and Journal of International Affairs.


BILIA is registered with Bangladesh Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, under Section 2 of the Societies Registration Act 1860 and is supported by the Bangladesh Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs and Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to its Charter, BILIA is a self governing body which has a General Body currently consisting of 41 members and an Executive Council who regulate the affairs of BILIA, including ex-officio members such as the Attorney General of Bangladesh and Secretaries of both Bangladesh Ministry of Law and Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Office Bearers and Members of the Executive Council work on honorary basis. BILIA has its own full time research faculty headed by Dr. Shahdeen Malik, Honorary Director, which is divided into the Law and International Affairs Divisions, led by Dr. Rumana Islam, Assistant Director and Professor Dr. Lailufar Yasmin (Deputy Director) respectively, all of whom play a key role in designing the research, seminar, lectures, training and other programmes. The Administrative Division and the Library and Documentation Wing of the Institute provide support services and valuable inputs to the research pursuits of the Institute.



  • promoting and providing for studies and research in law, international politics, security studies, regional studies, governance, economics, human rights and jurisprudence.
  • producing independent and rigorous analysis on critical global, regional and country specific challenges.
  • offering new ideas to decision-makers and shapers on how this could best be tackled from short to long term.
  • fostering linkages and collaboration among institutions focusing on studies related to conflict, conflict resolution, cooperation, stability and security in South Asia.
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