Journal of International Affairs (Content)!

Vol. 09, Nos. 1 & 2, June-December 2005
Titles Author Page
Global Security or Human Security? Recent Events in Perspective Irene Z. Khan 01
Indo-US Nuclear Deal: An Evaluation Ashok Sharma 13
Care-Taker Government, Election Commission and Parliamentary Election: It’s International Implications Naimuddin Ahmed 31
Bangladesh At 35: Internal Dynamics and External Linkages Sanjay Bhardwaj 43
The Policy of the United States of America Concerning Climate Change Md. Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan 59
US-Japan Estrangements in the Prewar Period Muhammad Ruhul Amin & Nafisa Rashid 75
Socio-Economic Impact of Mature Age Unemployment in Australia Syeed Ahamed 99
Short Article:
Implementation of the UN Plan of Action on Small Arms: Perspective Bangladesh
Wali-ur Rahman 121
SAARC Documents -- 125


Vol. 8, Nos. 1 & 2, June-December 2004
Titles Author Page
Fundamental Freedom and Human Rights in South Asia: Right to Life, Right Against Arbitrary Arrest and Detention, Freedom of Speech, Thoughts, Opinions, Conscience, Expression, of the Press and Freedom of Religion Naimuddin Ahmed 01
The Rites of the Passage: Rise of Religious Politics in Bangladesh Sanjay Bhardwaj 21
Three Decades of Australia-Bangladesh Relations: Future Directions and Potentials Kamal Uddin Ahmed 35
Learning from the Past: Role of Religion in Peace building Mohammad Shahabuddin 55
Public Management Reforms in Japan: An Analysis into the Prospects of Introducing new Public Management Shirajun Noor Chowdhury &
Saima Ahmed
Democracy in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities Muhammad Ruhul Amin 99
Short Article:
Media, Democracy and Human Rights in Bangladesh
Jesmul Hasan 113

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