The Institute is conceived of as a research body or think-tank whose objectives among others include:

  1. Promotion of research in Law and International Affairs, and contemporary issues on Law, Politics, Sociology, Economics and Jurisprudence.
  2. Promotion and maintenance of information regarding Law and International Affairs both at national and international level.
  3. Organising conferences, lectures, symposiums and seminars for the furtherance of the objectives of the Institute.
  4. Publication of biannual Bangladesh Journal of Law, the oldest law journal of the country and Bangladesh Journal of International Affairs.
  5. Publication of books on law and international affairs, brochures and research papers for dissemination of information.
  6. Establishment and maintenance of libraries and information services to facilitate the study of Law and International affairs.
  7. Facilitating the study of legal international affairs questions and exchange of information, knowledge and thoughts on legal and International Affairs so as to develop a body of informed opinion.
  8. To invite as and when feasible, scholars, who may or may not be members of the Institute, to avail of the facilities offered by the Institute and/or to benefit the Institute by their knowledge and experience.
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