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SL Titles Author Year
29. Case Management in Reducing Backlog: Towards Transplant of Australian Practice to Bangladesh Courts Ummey Tahura 2019
28. Intelligence, National Security, and Foreign Policy, A South Asian Narrative ASM Ali Ashraf, 2016
27. Bangladesh in International Relations 2012-13 CR Abrar 2013
26. Petroleum Contracts: Stability and Risk Management in Developing Countries Dr. Abdullah Al Faruque 2011
25. Judicial Training in the New Millennium : An Anatomy of BILIA Judicial Training with Difference BILIA 2005
24. Single Currency in South Asia BILIA 2004
23. Transit and transshipment BILIA 2004
22. Roundtable on New Regionalism and South Asia BILIA 2003
21. evsjvi ivRbxwZ‡Z D`vicš’x gymwjg ivRbxwZK‡`i f~wgKv (1905-1925) BgwZqvR Avn‡g` 2002
20. Monograph on Chinese Military Modernization: Implications for the Region Major General Mohammad Aminul Karim 2002
19. Monograph on the Proceedings of the Third International Criminal Law Conference 1974 organized by BILIA which mooted the idea of the International Criminal Court (ICC) BILIA 2002
18. Civil Procedure Code (1908:Act) Justice Naimuddin Ahmed 2000
17. Human Rights in Bangladesh: A Study of Standards & Practices; A study Report sponsored by Ford Foundation BILIA 2000
16. Special Issue on President Bill Clinton’s Visit to South Asia President William Jefferson Clinton’s Journey for Democracy, Development and Cooperation in South Asia, March 20-25, 2000 Edited by
Wali-ur Rahman
15 Bangladesh Supreme Court Report (BSCR) 1995 & 1996 BILIA 1996
14. Constitutional Law of Bangladesh Mahmudul Islam 1995
13. Ananya: Aspects of Women’s Leadership Development Ismet Zerin Khan 1992
12. No Better Option? Industrial Women Workers in Bangladesh Hameeda Hossain, Roushan Jahan
and Salma Sobhan
11. Disintegrative Process in Action: The Case of South Asia Selina Haq and Ehsanu
and Salma Sobhan
10. Legal Aspects of Martial Law F.K.M.A. Munim 1989
09. Delay in Courts and Court Management M. Zahir 1988
08. Legal Aspects of A New International Economic Order: An Asian Perspective Tawfique Nawaz (Ed.) 1988
07. Bangladesh: The First Four Years Nurul Momen 1980
06. Legal System of Bangladesh Azizul Hoque 1980
05. Rights of the Citizen under the Constitution And Law F. K. M. A. Munim 1979
04. Accomplice Testimony Syed Naziruddin Ahmed 1979
03. Women and Development Proceeding of a Regional South and Southeast Asian Seminar Rounaq Jahan and
Hanna Papanek (Eds.)
02. Legal Status of Women in Bangladesh Salma Sobhan 1978
01. Report on Legal Aspects of Population Planning in Bangladesh Mohammad Sohrab Ali,
M. Zahir and K.M. Hasan

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